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How to Win the Battle for Mattress Sales, the Bed Seller's Manual

by David Benbow                                                             Price  $29.99

OVERVIEW - This handbook is for the Retail Sales Associate who is determined to succeed in selling mattresses and bedding. It's all here. How to prepare yourself, how to sell, and how to handle virtually any situation on the show room floor. And, it's organized in an easy-to-read format.



What's in the Book

Table of Contents  - List of Chapter Headings


Your Customer

Preparing Yourself                                          

SECTION ONE  (Learning everything you need to know to sell bedding)

The Five Groups of Knowledge - Introduction

Product Knowledge

Knowledge of Financing

Knowledge of Advertising

Knowledge of Inventory

Knowledge of Policies 

SECTION TWO (Learning to follow the proven, correct steps of the sale)

The Introduction to the Sales Outline

Approach and Greet (What to say to people walking in the store)

Qualifying (Finding out what the customer wants)

Selection (Helping the customer find the right bed)

Presentation (Demonstrating features and benefits)

Closing the sale (When to and How to close the sale)


SECTION THREE  (Special topics discussion)

Adjustable beds (How to present and how to sell adjustable bases and mattresses)

Aloof customers (What to do when they don't want to talk to you)

Answering the Phone  (There is a right way, use it)

Bait and Switch (What it is, what it's not)

Be-backs (Improve your chances to get them to come back)

Bed Frames (What you need to know about them)

Body Impressions (Don't let them be a problem for you)

Children's Bedding (Kids need more sleep than you do, show the parents)

Coil Demonstrations (Coils provide benefits, learn what they are and how to show the customer)

Comfort Exchanges (Quit treating them as a problem)

Competition (Get to know them, only then can you beat them)

Educating the Customer (When to start, when to stop)

Expectations, Lowering (Don't oversell, they will come back to haunt you)

FAQ by Customers (Frequently Asked Questions- how to answer them)

Finish, The (How to wrap up a successful sale and keep them happy)

Follow-up (Don't keep your customers dangling, stay in touch with them)

Legal Issues (Be aware of these possible problems)

Mistakes (Things to avoid doing)

Mystery Shopping (How to learn what your competition has and does)

Negotiating the Price (Even if you don't, your competition does. Learn what he's doing)

Objections (A long list of customer objections, and how to turn them to your advantage)

Problem Handling (A list of potential problems, and how to deal with them)

Prospecting (How to get new customers who have not walked into your store yet)

Qualifying Questions ( How to find out what your customer really wants and needs)

Sleep Deprivation (Causes, consequences and solutions)

Stepping Up (Selling the customer a better product than what he came in for)

Starting at the Top (When you should and how to do it correctly)

Third Basemen (How to handle that annoying tag-along uncle, neighbor, aunt, etc.)

Trial Closes (Prompting questions to find out where you stand in the sale)

Turning Over the Sale (Advice on when and how to call in another RSA or Sales Manager)

Warranty (How to explain the warranty so it doesn't cost you the sale)

Measuring Performance (How do you know if you are improving?)

Additional Reading (More good books and links to research to become a complete professional)